Sigh…It’s No Batmobile

MM, hands on hips, contemplating a row of minivans for sale on a car lot.
Sigh…It’s No Batmobile, 2017, oil on canvas, 76.2 x 121.9 cm, 30 x 48 in

The dreaded minivan.

This was the day my ego….perhaps not died…but definitely took a big hit. It was difficult to accept that a very unsexy minivan was the practical choice for our large family and stretched resources. For one who values beauty and style, it was very humbling to accept yet another hit against my delusions of sexy and cool.

I tried to christen her “Deathstar”, or even “Party Bus,” to maintain some element of boss. My kids settled on “Giant Marshmallow.”

But… you know, over time… function, peace of mind from responsible spending, and the freedom of regard for protecting something beautiful from a band of messy children won me over. And the added bonus — large canvases fit very well in these beasts. And a van loaded with 6 teenage girls belting out Adele tunes on the way to the drama festival is very fun indeed, and way better than looking awesome in a fancy-pants ride.

Maybe minivans Deathstars are the real cool.

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