Forgive Me

Millennial Mom, teary and holding a tissue to her face.
Forgive Me, 2017, oil on canvas, 76.2 x 61 cm, 30 x 24 in

Forgive Me, is a pivotal work in the final chapter of the Millennial Mom story.


Want freedom from suffering?  A good place to start is to face your painful truth.  In trying to make sense of challenging outcomes, rather than blaming those things we cannot control – other people, society, fate/the universe/God/whatever-you-believe-in –  instead, look within.

After many years of struggle, I’ve found freedom in honestly and humbly looking at my part, in how things go down.  How have I contributed to what is troubling me?  Where have I selfishly wanted life to go according to my plan?  Where am I in denial, expecting myself or others to be who they are not?  Or not admitting to myself those characteristics I don’t like in others are those I don’t like in myself?  Where have I acted from fear, and tried to manipulate others into doing what I think is best for all concerned, ignoring others’ points of view, others’ needs?

I ask for forgiveness, without expectation (we can’t control others, remember?).  And I do my best to make things right, predominantly by changing my behavior going forward.


My experience, how I perceive the flow of life, is directly related to my ability to let go of expectations.  It is not dependent upon what happens — what others do, or how things turn out.

Rather than focusing on what others “should” be doing, or how things “should” have turned out, I try to focus on how I choose to see things and what I can do today, to bring forth what is good, right and true.

Life is just better when I am living in acceptance, present with whatever is happening.  This means accepting myself and others for who they are, and the flow of life as it is.  A daily honest look at what I can control – the way I choose to perceive things, my attitude, my focus, my actions – helps to make things right.  Whatever arises, I do my best to love that — looking for the best, for love, in every situation, even the painful ones.  And focusing on doing my best to bring love into every situation, given the circumstances.


I found help here.

  • Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender, by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.
  • The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle
  • The Work, by Byron Katie
  • Daily meditation
  • Jeff Kober, Daily Thoughts email
  • Radical Acceptance, by Tara Brach, Ph.D.
  • The Power of Full Engagement, by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz, Face the Truth exercise
  • Nonviolent Communication, by Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D.
  • The Conscious Parent, by Shefali Tsabary, Ph.D.
  • Conscious Uncoupling, by Katherine Woodward Thomas
  • Ego is the EnemyThe Obstacle is the Way, by Ryan Holiday
  • Real Love, by Greg Baer
  • The Power of Vulnerability, TED talk, Brené Brown, Ph.D., L.M.S.W


Forgive Me and other works from the Millennial Mom collection will exhibit September-October, 2019, at Capitol Theatre in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.

Stay with me,

My Love, I hope you’ll always be

Right here by my side, if ever I need you.

Oh, my Love.

With the dark, oh I see so very clearly now.

All my fears, are drifting by me so slowly now,

Fading away.

Follow You, Follow Me, by Genesis

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  1. Carol Pippy

    Awesome insight!


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