Ask. Let Go. Listen.

Millennial Mom, gazing up into night sky.
Ask. Let Go. Listen, 2018, oil on canvas, 91.4 x 61 cm, 36 x 24 in

This painting is one of intention, hope and faith, from the Light chapter of Millennial Mom’s tale.

Desire is fundamental to our human nature.  It fuels our growth, and leads us to evolve.  Ultimately, it is the path to our true selves, leading us to work for the things that bring the deepest fulfillment.

It is a universal desire… a need… to be known, to feel understood, cared for, loved.  When those needs aren’t met, we turn to substitute gratifications.  We over-consume substitutes — food, drugs or alcohol, entertainment, shopping, sex, work, perfectionism.  Or we seek to protect ourselves with blame, and withdrawal.  But these fixations do not bring lasting satisfaction.  To heal, to truly meet our fundamental needs, we must turn toward something greater.

How can we harness the powerful energy of desire to grow, to heal?


There is always help, if only we ask.  Whether through journaling, meditation, prayer, or even imagined conversation, with practice we may find connection with a source of wisdom and power greater than ourselves, a higher power.

One’s concept of a higher power is very individual, and may take whatever form is meaningful.  Some find it in another person or group, in an energy, in nature, the universe, science, or love.  Some find it in an imagined older, wiser version of themselves, or in contact with a beloved deceased relative or pet.  Some find it in God.

Whatever one’s version of a higher power, all one must do is ask for answers, for inspiration, for guidance.  Clarity matters, being as specific and pure in intention as possible.  Mixed messages block the flow.  Desires come true when they are pure, focused, and in the best interests of one’s spiritual growth. What we intend determines what we get.


Making wishes come true is never solely in anyone’s power.  Our responsibility is restricted to the actions we undertake; the outcome is left in the hands of something beyond us.  Key to the process is our ability to let go of what is going to happen.  To not be attached to if and when we get an answer.  To not trying to figure out what’s going to happen.  Not easy.

Higher power cannot fill any desire until we release it, surrendering ourselves, trusting in the wisdom of something greater than ourselves.

Once we know what we want, we must stay relaxed about it, practicing patient expectation, trusting that answers may arrive in unexpected ways.   So… we relax, let go, go with the flow, enjoy the process, not assuming we know the answers, not resisting how life unfolds.


Listening is about deepening our presence and awareness of what is going on within, and in life around us.  When we stay with our inner experience, allowing our feelings to be, when we listen to what they have to tell us, a wise, safe and gentle compassion opens within.  We find the love within that guides us.

Everything is possible as we know from the famous Heisenberg uncertainty principle which tells us the universe is uncertain.  Higher power works through surprises and unexpected outcomes.

Our part is to stay open without expectation, remaining alert to the present moment, to our higher power’s answers.  Not resisting.  Not expecting to control the outcome.   Not insisting on having our own way.

Answers are whispered to us, very subtly, so we must deepen our presence and awareness to hear.  Sometimes new ideas pop into our mind while in the shower, sometimes answers come in  a media article or story, an encounter with a stranger, a sudden opportunity, a song on the radio, an epiphany while driving home after work.

As our relationship with our higher power’s guidance deepens, we are better able to hear answers, sometimes in small stages.  Practice noticing intentions being fulfilled with lists -– sudden new ideas, or things turning out in unexpected ways.


Ask.  Let Go.  Listen. and other works from the Millennial Mom collection will exhibit September-October, 2019, at Capitol Theatre in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.


For more on finding your higher power, I found help here:


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  1. Carol Pippy

    Great insight!


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