Messing with My Hubby

Painting of Stuart Baker
Stuart, 2020, oil on canvas, 76.2 x 61 cm, 30 x 24 in

I’ve been working on this painting for some time now.

Often, when something is bothering me about an unfinished piece, I move it around the house, placing it either where I will see it often, in a flash as I pass, or somewhere I can sit with it and study it. Eventually, I know what must be done to finish the painting.

So, Stuart has been moved around the house for a while now.  This has been great fun for me — for, you see, my hubby finds this piece to be quite unsettling — it gives him a start every time he rounds the corner and there he is, confronted with his own…. alter ego?  Higher self?  His conscience perhaps?  After a recent viewing of The Great Gatsby, I liken the situation to the ever-watchful eyes of Dr. Eckleburg — they see all — he cannot hide!

Ah well, fun’s over I guess.  The painting is done, so I’ll tuck it in a corner somewhere so hubby may have some peace.

And I will be ever-grateful he is not only such a good sport, but also so supportive, in so many ways.

Happy winter, my friends!


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