All Things Must Pass

Fawn standing next to bed of daffodils along stone wall.
All Things Must Pass, 2021, oil on canvas, 38.1 x 76.2 cm, 15 x 30 in

As I strolled past my neighbours’ beautiful front garden this spring, I was reminded of the phrase that’s been almost a chorus this past year: This too shall pass. The cumulation of so many small losses recently have become a sometimes heavy grief. Though heavy to bear, the sorrows of this time have also been an opportunity to practice resilience. We endure what we must, and make the best of it by doing what we can, knowing this, too, shall pass. All things must pass. Even the stones of this seemingly eternal wall will one day be dust. But, equally ever-lasting, are new beginnings — new daffodils, new fawns.

Now, put your feet up, and search up George Harrison, who says it best in his song, All Things Must Pass.

All Things Must Pass and other works will be in the 2021 32nd Annual RNS Art Show and Sale. In-person viewing and sale takes place June 10 (6-8pm) and 11 (10am-2pm, 4-7pm). Work is available online June 10-16.

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