Darlene Baker is an oil painter, health and wellness enthusiast, lover of beauty and books, and seeker of wisdom. She is lovingly devoted to her family, and to cultivating mind, heart, body & spirit.

Born and raised in rural Prince Edward Island, Darlene enjoyed creativity since she was a child.

Self-taught, she first set brush to canvas in 2008, and began a dedicated oil painting practice in 2015.

Darlene’s work explores the evolution of consciousness both in everyday life and in our natural surroundings.  She sees her work as an act of devotion, in service to the illumination of true reality — that all life on earth is connected, is one.  She pursues her commitment to unconditional love and compassion for all life with many subjects, including portraits, landscapes, beach scenes, florals, and social scenes, where many people are sharing in the joy of living.

She lives and creates in the beautiful Rothesay, New Brunswick, Canada.

No matter the subject, what I’m really trying to interpret is the time-stopping wonder available to us when we fully engage our attention in the present moment.  I’m striving to convey unity of existence, that we are all one, free of division.  Each of us are but individual waves belonging to this beautiful, magical ocean called life.  I hope my work will awaken this perception in viewers.   We are all of us, an evolving consciousness.  We are all, in our true essence, a loving awareness.

— Darlene

Artist Darlene Baker oil painting a large Millennial Mom canvas with a snowy New Brunswick day in the window behind her.
brackley beach