Smiling, happy family including Millennial Mom, husband, and four children

The Complexity of Love

If you’ve seen my work, you know my paintings aren’t pretty pictures. My art explores illusions, suffering, relationships, love, courage, trying to make sense of it all. Loving Can Hurt is about deep, long-lasting, Real Love. Here I attempt to lift the veil for a moment, and explore the idea that the true experience of family life is not the one we portray in our family portraits of harmony and connection. Those moments occur, sure. But many of us have seen another reality go down behind the scene captured by the camera, one which we often do not share in…

Sigh…It’s No Batmobile

The dreaded minivan. This was the day my ego….perhaps not died…but definitely took a big hit. It was difficult to accept that a very unsexy minivan was the practical choice for our large family and stretched resources. For one who values beauty and style, it was very humbling to accept yet another hit against my delusions of sexy and cool. I tried to christen her “Deathstar”, or even “Party Bus,” to maintain some element of boss. My kids settled on “Giant Marshmallow.” But… you know, over time… function, peace of mind from responsible spending, and the freedom of regard for protecting something…

Millennial Mom Preserves the Fortress Grounds

Have you ever told yourself you’d be happy if only you could get control of the mess in your life? This myth persists in my life, and every spring, a fierce internal war rages anew: Victim vs. Wiser Self. It’s the Battle of the Baker Grounds, and it’s ugly. I like order, neatness, and beauty in my surroundings. Those things feed my soul. Chaos, mess and unkempt appearances stress me. Not that I can maintain my life the way I’d like. I can’t do it all. Not unless that is all I do. I know, because I’ve been miserable trying….