Hello, Gorgeous

pink peony rose bloom and bud
Hello Gorgeous, 2020, oil on canvas, 61 x 61 cm, 24 x 24 in

“Hello, Gorgeous” is the latest work in a series titled “Messengers from Another Realm”.

I don’t think I am alone in admitting: this isolation is getting to me.  Despite my best efforts, I find my spirits flagging, the uncertainty of our future weighing heavy.  My ego-mind is ruthless, even questioning what am I doing, spending my time on painting — to what end — reminding me how useless I feel, especially during this time, when essential service workers are saving the world, while I sit at home… brushing paint on canvas.


Luckily, once again, I’ve been saved by that universal truth:  all I must do is ask the questions, and answers will come.  In browsing on-line, I found my solace in a short YouTube clip titled, “What is Art For?”  which revived my pre-pandemic convictions.

Art can lift the spirit, can provide hope, and balance.


I am so drawn toward the lush, over-the-top, gorgeous bounty of the peony.  The sight of this flower renews my hope, my deep-down knowing that this too shall pass, spring will come again.  And it helps to balance my longing for beauty and abundance in these days of gray and restriction.

We have one tiny area of summertime sunlight among the trees at our home.  What I choose to love and nurture there are as many peonies as I can fit,  with a few kitchen herbs along the border.

Every year, I hope I will not need to travel during their short bloom, though it seems most years I must.  Last year, I did again, so I gathered up what blooms I could into an open water bottle, and off we went, with this huge bouquet of gorgeousness in the car.  This painting is based on a photo of those travelling blooms.

May you too find hope and balance in the many art offerings on-line as we stay home, together.


  1. Lisa Johnston

    Absolutely Darlene! There is much hope in all this beauty. You are so talented. I’m in awe.


  2. Such a pretty painting!❤


  3. its beautiful Darlene!


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